layers & light

“Layers and Light” is my continuing series exploring the iconic Australian rural and urban landscape. I seek out timeless sheds that are striking in their form, angles, lines and textures. They have withstood the onslaught of time, climate and change. The work reflects my inspiration of the energy, colours and mood of the landscape at different times of the day. The filtered light and long shadows cascade through the moonlit landscape creating a shadow play of shape and pattern.  Through layering colours, introducing rich textures and selecting vintage collage elements I have pushed the explorations into a semi-abstract realm. The final process of mark making and “drawing the landscape” becomes completely serendipitous and spontaneous.

Shed 16, Layers & Light Series, mixed media, SOLD June 2020 The Cornerstore Gallery
SOLD Shed 16
Pieces become structures, layers of thought (sold)
SOLD June 2020 Pieces become structures, layers of thought.Mixed Media, acrylic, collage49 cm x 94 cm Framed in Tasmanian Oak Available The Cornerstore Gallery
(detail) Pieces become structures, Layers of thought
detail – SOLD The Cornerstore Gallery Orange NSW
Morning chorus in the Shed Yards,  Layers and Life series 2020
Layers and Light Series 64 cm x 64 cm, framed in Tasmanian Oak Mixed media, SOLD

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