Calleen Art Award 2020

Date, I. Sunday morning walk on Kangaroo Flat Road, 104 cm (w) x 79 cm (h)
Sunday morning walk on Kangaroo Flat Road

This painting is inspired by an early morning walk in winter on Kangaroo Flat Road in the Central West of NSW. The shadows cascade down into the broad green valley nestled around a running creek.  Tucked away in many corners of this verdant and lush landscape little rural structures sit quietly under the southern skies.  By deconstructing the landscape into fragments of shape and form it allows for the joy of rebuilding the surface exploring the relationships of colour and pattern.  I don’t seek pure representation but rather the balance of colours and composition to give the image more dynamism, rhythm and energy. Ultimately, the landscape is an exploration of sense of place and the play of light and shadow.

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