…a song of land, river and sky…

solo exhibition at The Moree Gallery – March 2022

This solo exhibition is the collective experience of Inel’s observational studies on the road between Moree and Cowra.  She has documented the landscapes she interacted with that has become a springboard for studio-based explorations in oil paint that reflect her love of the creative process. Her artworks explore place, natural patterns, surface texture and the seasonal play of light and shadow. Her practice is diverse and swings from quiet meditative works to high-energy large-scale serendipitous works.  She doesn’t seek pure representation but rather the balance of colours, line and composition to give the image more dynamism, rhythm and energy. Ultimately tapping into mood and memory to communicate a “sense of place” of the many #roadsitravel. All paintings listed below are SOLD.

All paintings above – SOLD

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